The Cinema @ Brookefields Fire in Facebook Fans

The Cinema @ Brookefields Mall Coimbatore is getting shares and likes in Facebook Page like a fire. In the other end, the ticket bookings are rocketing for the 6 screens. The total fans crossed over 150 within a day of  Theatre opening, and it is expected to grow more to about 1 lakh. Coimbatoreans are naturally movie lovers showing their response to the newly entered Sathyam Cinemas.

Coimbatore has been challenging Chennai in everything including GDP, Mall Culture, Infrastructure, being the second largest city in Tamil Nadu, it is now showing its interest in Outing and Entertainment Culture. From the begining the craze of the local people was with the local multiplex KG Cinemas which is now being pushed to the rank 2 after the Brand new “The Cinema“.

The Wi-Fi Facility, Food court and Pleasant Lounge gives the extra pleasure to the visitors. The CEO of Sathyam Group said to the press, that they have the plan to open more screens in the City based on the response of people. Also they are in idea to propose for 8 Screen multiplex coming up in TVH Mall, Trichy Road Coimbatore. Big Cinemas and PVR are also competing with each other to capture the TVH Mall space.

Facebook Fans Page shows the Response not only to the CEO of Sathyam, but also to all familiar multiplex brands like PVR, Fame, Cinemax, Inox that Coimbatore is purely a place for Investment.

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