Sathyam Cinemas Chennai Now Showing Movies

 now showing

Sathyam Cinemas in Chennai now showing Movies List , Check the latest Tamil Movies and Hollywood now playing from the steps.

This Sathyam group has opened an 8 screen Escape Cinemas at Express Avenue. The above link will take to the latest Now showing movies in the sathyam theatre, Chennai. They are in the plan of expansion and check this Sathyam cinemas in Coimbatore with six screens at Brookefields Mall. To find out the movies which are currently released and running in theatres, it is best to look into the official website rather than looking in some other sites or blog. The links given here will give you the access for the details about the films(including English Telugu and Malaylam) being played in the multiplex. About millions of people will search for the recent films and right now playing films in Chennai theaters to book the tickets and enjoy their time.

3 Responses to Sathyam Cinemas Chennai Now Showing Movies

  1. suresh says:

    sathyam cinemas its very nice!.

  2. ARUL MAGESH says:

    what an wonderful movie experience at SATHYAM

  3. p.syed ali says:

    17/01/2012 noon show

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