Inox Multiplex in Madurai Shopping Mall

INOX in Madurai

Multiplex in Madurai

Madurai,the Temple city of India is ready to enjoy Multiplex and Shopping Mall culture. Yes the Brand Cinema Chain INOX is alredy having its presence in Chennai is Opening soon in Madurai. But apart from Inox, there is no any big players entering in City

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In the mean time, Madurai getting developed, the other city Manchester of South India Coimbatore is getting some of the brands like Fun Cinemas and Sathyam Cinemas in Brooke fields.

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Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu is getting high rises, Big groups like TVH, Hiranandani are all focusing Chennai in building in 30 Floors and above.

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When will Madurai will get high rise buildings is the question of many people. The cities like Mumbai, Chennai,Coimbatore getting above 20+ floors now a days and the multiplexes and shopping malls are growing like anything in the

Shopping malls in Madurai will get operation soon and What are list of Huge Shopping malls in Chennai?

If you like to shift from Madurai to Coimbatore, You can try jobs in some of the software companies in Coimbatore, The list of IT companies present in Coimbatore are given in the link below.

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Vishaal Mall is holding the multiplex and you can check the online ticket booking soon there.

One Response to Inox Multiplex in Madurai Shopping Mall

  1. venki says:

    Madurai will expect many more industries & malls?
    we’ll waiting for PVR cinemas,sathyam Cinemas & AGS CINEMAS?

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