INOX Madurai Ticket Booking Online Now

Want to Book tickets at the newly opened Multiplex INOX at Madurai Shopping mall, India almost all the cities had multiplexes before 10 years but all of them After Looking at the response of PVR Cinemas Chennai Ticket Booking planned to open the counter ticketing system made easy for customers who want to use their credit or debit card. Even now so many theatres introduced SMS method so that they will get the confirmation coed to their mobile after telephone booking.

Madurai will have the first experience of shopping mall with the opening of Vishal de Mall and this will give the city a chance to travel through the brands for Dress and others. Reliance trends also occupying the major portion of the mall. After finishing your shopping, you can try out the new upcoming theatre of INOX, but if you want to know the ratings and feedback of the films, then

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In Bangalore, Meenakshi Mall Cinepolis Online Ticket Booking is the one which is always busy as with the Shopping Mall is crowded always. Madurai being a city also will have some crow for the movies after the opening of INOX. But when compared with Bangalore, the films which will be screened will be less and also they might have less number of English movies running across the theatres.

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