IMAX Theatre in Bangalore by PVR Cinemas

IMAX Bangalore

The Hot news is all about the upcoming Imax theatre in Bangalore. After Prasad’s Imax in Hyderabad, in south india, the buzz is all about the bangalore city is going to have a big size screen soon for live. But how far it is true, here is the link saying that PVR Cinemas may hold a IMAX screen for viewers, but the project is still very secret. The full link about this is Imax experience in Bangalore

So many gossips are around this much hype theatre after the city has all brands namely Fame, Fun Cinemas, INOX, Cinemax, PVR. But this news given in the link above also says that PVR has the more chance to have the much expected IMAX Cinema that will also be ready for users from the mid of the upcoming year 2012.

Imax in India is always special, as most of the south Indian people love to spend time in watching movies in a atmosphere where they can enjoy the movie upto its maximum. If the link from yahoo is true, then Bangalore will experience this pleasure before other cities like Chennai and Coimbatore going to have it. The metropolitan already flooding with high quality shopping malls with leading multiplex brands, but bringing in IMAX will be totally of a new experience that will promote the qualities of the movies too says the sources. But the thing is that there are only less number of movies made in 3d and that too that could be played in IMAX projector format. We have to wait and watch until it comes in reality.

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