IMAX in Kochi Lulu Shopping Mall ?

Buzz is IMAX Kochi - Is it Really Coming up ? Every One is eagerly waiting to now about the Lulu Mall Kochi Opening date as it will bring a new face to both the city and the people of South India, One can experience really an International Shopping Paradise in the Largest Mall. After Express Avenue in Chennai, this mall has created a much hype regarding its size of shopping area and brands. In Kochi this is not the first Shopping Mall, but still people wants this to be opened as soon as possible. About the Multiplex that is coming up inside the Mall, PVR is confirmed but again here is the expectation for the IMAX that has its own screen standard and projection. It is now almost all the metro cities expecting this kind of movie experience and you can check how big is IMAX in Chennai Bangalore that is coming up soon in this year. In the mean time all of us have to wait until the official sources confirm the presence of IMAX in the Mall that will deliver and take Kochi to a new International Movie experience.

Update : The screen is almost ready and set to open on 12/12.