Ganga Yamuna Kaveri Coimbatore Online Ticket Booking

Karpagam complex, Ganga yamuna and kaveri theatres is situated at 100 feet road coimbatore. It was also one of the major spot for the youth people in 1990. The screen Ganga has 70mm and holds biggest balcony in the city when compared to shanthi theatre coimbatore which is located near railway station. The newly renovated senthil kumaran online booking is quite easy when compared to this karpagam complex. The theatre kaveri has mini screen and has some cool interior and ambience set for high class people looking for sofa and other comfort inside the movie hall. These three theatres Ganga, yamuna now managed by a single owner and the other one kaveri is releasing the movies separately. The other one in the hot spot of the city is nothing but kg big cinemas ticket booking which has control in the website of big cinemas group which is none other than anil ambani. After the KG has changed to Big, the feedback given about the maintenance and the sound effects looks very poor and the people have failed to visit their favorite destination. Soon there are a very big multiplex under construction which is about to have 10 screens from PVR and it is expected to come up in trichy road at TVH Mall.



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  1. suresh says:

    i need a ticket for thupaaki movie

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