Coimbatore Airport Expansion is Getting Delayed

Coimbatore Airport is also one of the most preferred one after Chennai in Tamil Nadu. But the sad part is that it don’t have much connections to International Destinations like London, Sydney etc. The fact is that because the current Runway length has no chance for bigger flights to land and rake off. The Central Government have chosen 20 major airports in India to expand the Runway length and Coimbatore is one among them. But the Airport authority have asked the state government to acquire the land that is required for runway extension and building new terminal.

But the Government in Tamil Nadu is facing two major issues in Chennai and Coimbatore for acquirng the land that is sufficient for Airport expansion. In Coimbatore, people started protesting against the acquistion because of the fact that they are not given equal compensation for their lands acquired by the Government.

Currently there are around 36 flights to and fro from Coimbatore city and it has connectivity with some foreign countries like Singapore, Dubai and Colombo. In Chennai the story is almost same, where the land acqusition problem to build a new Greenfield airport continues and the local government can’t able to provide the land required by Airport Auhtority of India. To know about Flight Schedules you have to log on to Coimbatore and find the timings and availability of tickets. Once the land acquisition is done, then the Airport will have a much better runway and the service of the Airport will become International.


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